IT Consulting:

Technology is a critical tool that assists growing and mature organizations in maximizing business success and achieving their strategic goals. Our IT consulting firm provides services to a wide variety of companies in any and every industry from healthcare to construction, to nonprofits. 

If your organization is preparing to embark upon a technology project, whether it is the selection and implementation of a new voice and data services,  systems (Supply Chain, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence or CPM) or the assessment of existing system capabilities, call or email truIT to see how we can help. 

Below are some of our consulting services

Network Documentation 

Whether for best practice, disaster recovery or audit preparation, good network documentation is crucial. truIT will use industry standard tools to help develop a full detail, comprehensive network documentation guide covering every aspect of your environment including, network diagram, hardware and software inventory, and configuration details. The level of detail can be scaled to your desired need. 

Policies and Procedures Composition 

Good business is based on good policy and procedures. truIT can help your business develop and implement the policies needed to provide a secure and stable network as well as reduce liability. As a result, your employees will know your position on issues that legally affect the company on topics such as software piracy, Internet usage, and proprietary information. Further, we can help you document best practice methodologies for a more efficient and streamline IT environment. truIT will work with your staff to determine what your policy needs and level of strictness are. Like our IT documentation service, our policies and procedures can be scaled to your need. All policies and procedures are custom designed for your company. 

Security Audits 

Assessing your network security has never been more important. Unfortunately, too many security firms simply don't find the root causes of security vulnerabilities, nor fix them once they're found. Their tactical recommendations make it impossible for organizations to get off the "find, fix, find, fix" treadmill, and on the road to sustainable risk reduction.

At truIT our experts identify and help you remove critical vulnerabilities. But more importantly, we help you with the strategic information you need to attack vulnerabilities at their sources. We provide a complete vulnerability assessment and penetration-testing services to address a range of requirements and budgets.


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truIT Uganda Limited is an Information Communication and Technology Solutions company that started out as a web design & hosting firm that has evolved into an IT solutions integration service provider.
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